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Comprehensive Employee Benefits Designed by Experts in Level and Self Funding

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 Proudly serving clients throughout the United States and its territories 


At KB Benefits, we focus on understanding your business and the culture within.

Our approach is different.

Everyone says it, but how do they demonstrate it?  Business, like anything in life, is about relationships. We build these connections by taking the time to know you and your staff.  We seek to comprehend the nuts and bolts of what makes your business operate.  This sets us apart from most advisors, who simply lay out graphs and analytics to exhibit their alleged understanding of your company. We prefer to know your people, their stories, and your company's culture. Understanding is key to accurate guidance.


What are the specific needs of your business and employees?  One size does not fit all in the benefits world.

Beyond data and analytics.


Our experience is derived from benefits advising, health insurance underwriting, and perhaps most importantly, business ownership.  The strength of your benefits program directly impacts the hiring and retention of the people that make your business run each and every day. At KB Benefits, we analyze your employee demographics to best match programs with anticipated utilization, think about the hard and soft costs that affect your P&L, then give careful consideration to the employee experience, as a patient and end user.



Real life solutions that speak to the human experience, not just a bunch of rates on a spreadsheet.

Tailor-made benefits programs.

Throughout our process, we keep the needs of you and your employees at the forefront of our approach. The understanding of your culture we have gained, coupled with the analysis of your business and available options, results in a proposal we feel confident will fit your needs.  An employee benefits program must be meaningful and relevant to those who participate.  It must be easy to use when you need it most.  At KB Benefits, we provide an outcome that achieves each of these important items.



KB Benefits was founded on the premise that the "one size fits all" approach doesn't work when it comes to healthcare.  Having experienced firsthand the frustrations of staring at countless options with no guidance or expertise, the co-founders set out to combine their years of experience in health insurance underwriting and employee benefits advising  to create a company with a unique approach.  At the core of our mission is an unwavering commitment to finding appropriate solutions that address the specific needs of our clients.  Knowing you and your needs is the first step in the process. 


3930 E Ray Road, Suite 155 

Phoenix, AZ 85044

Tel: 480-582-5528

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