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The healthcare landscape is constantly changing.  Medical plans that used to be categorized primarily by network type now have a "metal" designation as well.  High deductible plans that historically reflected lower premium costs are now unfortunately the standard in many cases.  With hundreds of options available in the market, how does one navigate the waters?  What's the difference between fully insured, self funded, and level funded?  How does community rating affect my small business medical premiums?  KB Benefits can answer every one of your questions.  We have the tools and relationships that allow us both streamlined plan assessments and negotiating power with the underwriters. 


When thinking of employee benefits, dental and vision are the first things that typically come to mind, following medical.  Whether you are seeking employer contributory or strictly voluntary plans, KB Benefits has options that will fill this essential segment.  

Voluntary indemnity plans are of increasing importance, as the burden of healthcare costs continues to shift more to the employee.  Our expertise in the voluntary market will help guide you and your staff toward programs that make fiscal sense, are easy to understand, and will deliver the cash benefits in a timely manner when they are needed most.  


Life insurance, short term disability, and long term disability represent cornerstones of financial preparedness.  Many employees either do not have access to these plans in the workplace or do not participate, due to a lack of knowledge.  With an array of employer paid and voluntary plans available, plus the experience and knowledge to properly educate your staff, KB Benefits can help your employees prepare for financial uncertainty at a price point that fits their budgets.


App-based TeleHealth came into its own with the advent of Covid-19.  While the concept isn't new, the practice of using such services is to many people.  KB Benefits offers a suite of app-based services, including TeleHealth, TeleMentalHealth, and TeleVeterinarian to name a few.  This suite is accessible through a group offering, as well as direct to consumer.


Wellness programs come in many varieties. For example, incentives can range from turning steps walked into gift cards to reducing premium costs by attending the gym on a regular basis.  KB Benefits can help your business implement a program that increases the overall wellness of your staff and rewards them for positive health choices.  

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