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KB Benefits was founded in March of 2019 by two partners with a singular vision: to provide a client focused approach to employee benefits, marrying years of experience on both the advisory and underwriting sides of the health insurance industry.  

Karen Osiecki
Founder and CFO
Bob Benefiel
Founder and CEO

Born into a family of health insurance professionals, Karen's own journey in the world of health insurance began in 2003.  Prior to founding KB Benefits with Bob, Karen worked for two major carriers.  Her experience ranges from provider services and medical claims processing to underwriting and analyzing national account groups.  Although her career began with exposure to only fully insured medical plans, Karen has branched out over the years and discovered the value that self-funding and level-funding can bring to numerous clients.   Karen has devoted herself to designing employee benefits packages that put the right plans with the right groups, utilizing every analytical tool afforded health underwriters in today's environment.  Her underwriting experience makes her particularly adept in the self and level funded spaces.

Bob began his career in employee benefits in 2004, initially as a voluntary benefits agent for a national carrier.  Over the years he has widened his breadth of knowledge and expertise in the complex and ever evolving healthcare industry and is particularly adept at self-funded and level-funded benefits.  Bob has worked with employers large and small, in addition to PEOs, associations, and other unique entities, and is confident advising groups in each of these segments.  After nearly 20 years in the industry, Bob has found that his passion truly lies in crafting comprehensive, yet very affordable, employee benefits packages for employers of all sizes, built around a core medical plan utilizing self or level funding.  Guided by this passion, he seeks to make KB Benefits a true disruptor in Employee Benefits.

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